Friday, October 21, 2011

Good and Bad Effects of Technology to Our Lives - Is There a Way to Change It?

Many of us are always thankful for our daily usage of today's modern technology. Every day, we get to perform our daily tasks easier because we have the helpful materials and gadgets that keep us at ease. Life will never be as easy as we look at it now without the advancement of technology. Think of how ancient people back then struggle just to create fire. Now, we can make one with just a click. Recall how transportation was done back then and see how much it has improved now. We are all living a better and more comfortable life because of our technology.

Even though we go on with our daily lives with such comfort and ease, there are things that we sacrifice for it. Because of the on-going technological demands, we have continuously taken for granted the effects it will cost us, and now we slowly notice them coming. Just for instance, the machines that we are using are not all there is. We use them very effectively, but are slowly destroying our planet because of them. Machines uses up a lot of heat energy. We use fuel to accommodate this need. It will then dispose wastes that are turned into smoke. It pollutes our air giving us unhealthy environment to breathe in. Mountainous areas have been turned into industrialized sites. Now even rain forests are being endangered. Trees are being logged to be made into furniture, and for constructions. We now have bare mountains.

There are submarines, ships of the largest, best ones. They all add up polluting our ocean. The cars and land vehicles we are using as well. They help us go from place to place easier and faster, but the polluted air it creates is devastating.

We have developed the use of plastics because it will cost easier production so that one can create more in just a fraction of time. They are disposables so that we can buy them cheaper. But when we throw these, they add up to the mountains of wastes being dumped onto a waste disposal area each day. Just imagine how much garbage s single person can collect in just one day, and multiply that to billions of people. Waste disposal has been one of the biggest problems of our society today. We have built so many things that we end up throwing after just one usage.

Maybe there are reasons for us to be grateful having all these modern equipments, and they are sure to help us in many ways. But the fact that we are all destroying our environment. It can have really good effects on us, but it also creates a devastating effect to our environment that destroys our health and living.

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